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Sample Tours

3 Hours

1. Stylish Kobe Course

Visit the scenic Kitano-ijinkan and its’ Western-style buildings
Ikuta Shrine – one of the oldest in Japan
Enjoy the waterfront at Kobe’s Meriken Park

2. Kobe Sake Brewery Course

Visit an old-style Sawa Sake Brewery
Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum
Kiku Masamune Sake Brewery Museum





5 Hours

1. Sake and Chinese Fusion! 
    Mini Gourmet Course

Sake Brewery in Nada, Kobe
Experience the unique atmosphere of Kobe Chinatown
Enjoy the waterfront at Kobe’s Meriken Park


Kobe Chinatown

2. Soothe your Ears and Eyes:
    Healing Course


  • Rokko Music Box Museum

  • Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

  • Rokko Garden Terrace

  • Kikuseidai Observation Deck


Kikuseidai Observation Deck

8 Hours

1. History of Hyogo Course

Explore Himeji Castle, one of Japan’s finest castles
Koko-en Garden in Himeji Park
Engyoji Temple in Mt. Shosha


Himeji Castle

2. Taste of the Sea:
    Ako City Course

Taste the famous Ako Oysters
Enjoy the fairgrounds at Ako Seaside Park
Walk around the picturesque Kirakira-zaka


Ako Kirakira-zaka

3. Awaji Island Picturesque Plan

See the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge from Awaji Road Station
Awaji Hanasajiki Flower field and cherry blossoms
Eat at the famous Nojima Scora restaurant, made with locally-grown vegetables
Famous Japanese souffle pancakes at Shiawase no Pancake
Awaji Craft Circus Seaside Restaurant and so on


Awaji Hanasajiki Flower field

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