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Kyoto MK presents..
Kodai-ji Area

While we are THE taxi firm in Kyoto, our expertise doesn't end there. We would like to introduce 3 spots in the Kodai-ji area that offer the perfect mix of traditional & modern Kyoto, only for our beloved customers. Please check them out if you have a moment, we're sure you will be happy you did! 



French-style Deep Fried Skewers in a Traditional Kyoto Town House (Machiya)

LINE_ALBUM_ミモザ オズモール_230222_12.jpg

Mimosa - Kimono Rental

Want to try wearing a Kimono, but don't want to have to wait around? Our Kimono salon offers private, exclusive facilities to rent or buy a traditional kimono from a wide range of high quality items, with helpful staff. Located right next to some of the most picturesque Kyoto locations, you are ready for your Kimono photoshoot debut!

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362 Coffee

Offering the perfect escape from the bustling streets outside, come and enjoy great coffee (latte, green tea etc.) in a quiet, chilled location, with a distinctive vibe to savour. (It's located in the first floor of Mimosa.)

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