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Airport Transfer

Private Transfer to/from Fukouka

Airport pick-up/drop-off chauffeur services.


Fukouka Airport


up to 4 passengers
& 1 suitcases

Fukuoka City
(Excluding Nishi Ward)

Fukuoka City (Nishi Ward),
Oonojo City, Kasuga City,
Dazaifu City, Nakagawa City

Saga City, Karatsu City

Kumamoto city

7,530 JPY

10,400 JPY

20,080 JPY

27,610 JPY

*1 Entrance fees, parking fees and toll fees (if necessary) are not included. Please note that we also require customers to pay for toll fees in case we need to use the toll road.
*2 The fares are only applicable if the place of pick-up and drop-off is within Fukouka City.

The confirmation email might take up to 3 days.

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