Tour Kyoto with a Robot Guide!

Would you like an experience like no other?

Kyoto MK is always searching for exciting, original experiences to offer our customers.

Our latest is 'Robohon'!

'Robohon' is a hand-sized robot that can accompany you on a special tour of Kyoto.

It will converse with you (of course in English!) about the specific sights you can see and give you travel tips as you move. You can see Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Shrine, Heian Shrine, Nanzen Temple and Seiryu Temple on this special 'Robohon tour.' At both Kiyomizu temple and Nanzen temple, Robohon will give you an exclusive tour, telling you both the famous and little-known points about these two very famous and beautiful temples.

This opportunity is definitely a 'Only in Japan' exclusive, brought to you by Kyoto MK. You'll be able to take lots of photos & selfies to show to your friends with Robohon!

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