MK TripAdvisor Review Spotlight July 2017 | Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto MK TripAdvisor Review Spotlight July 2017

Dear Kyoto Travelers,

It's time again to give a special "Thank you!" to the TripAdvisor members who wrote the most helpful reviews. Headlines for July 2017 included:

"Fabulous experience" "Great Service" "Ito-san was an awesome guide for a private tour of Kyoto" "Excellent Tour of Kyoto"

This time we will do something special. We will honor one TripAdvisor member who wrote an absolutely epic review! They really wanted to share their story with you. Let's read about their MK private tour experience in Nara and Kyoto.

"Thank you Mr. Shozo Saka for being an amazing guide!" Reviewed by liketheisland

"Our search for a one day tour company in Kyoto needed to check off high criteria for my picky family. The tour must be (in no special order) 1. wheel chair friendly 2. customizable to our schedule 3. have a clean and spacious car 4. have a great guide 5. see the highlights of Kyoto. MK taxi went above and beyond, we loved our tour, especially our guide Shozo-san!

As we got in the car, he started off with a phrase I will never forget " I want to do my best for you, if you need anything or want anything, please do not hesitate to ask, it is my duty," At that moment I wanted to cry, I LOVE THIS MAN. It was not only his words that made him a superb guide, he was always so thoughtful, hard working, and tireless.

He had an umbrella ready for the ladies since the weather was very hot (girls in japan really care for their skin), he tended to my grandmother in a wheel chair ( who likes to walk sometimes or sit sometimes depending on how she feels), in addition to showing us highlights of Kyoto and Nara he explained the history of Kyoto in an interesting and memorable way. Shozo, knowing that we needed a wheelchair, even called me prior to our tour to come and visit us at the station to help us.

He tended to pushing my grandmothers wheel chair, while taking care of all of our photography and guiding us on a very hot and sunny day. He knew the perfect spots to take photos, and provided us a very interesting written timeline and history of the places we visited. He was so thoughtful, being 10 steps ahead and turning on the AC to the car before we got in. I have been told that most of everyone in Japan is hospitable and polite, Shozo-san was not only incredibly thoughtful he's one of the nicest people I've ever met, we can feel he is genuinely a wonderful and hardworking person.

I have to admit, my family isn't the easiest to cater to, we range in various ages, our personalities and interests were very much scattered, but Shozo at MK went above and beyond for all of us and we are grateful to have such a wonderful tour guide.

My favorite place on the tour was the first place we visited, Nara Park, we were told that the Shinto believed the deer were the messengers to the gods and at the temple there are about 1200 deer! We had the opportunity to feed them deer rice cakes that are sold there. Some of them get a bit aggressive (just a little T-shirt nipping nothing too bad), while others are so polite that if you bow to them they bow back!

I did not want to leave Nara Park ( My only opportunity to be a disney princess!), but the subsequent places we visited were stunning, Fushimi Inari Shrine ( where you can pray or wish for better business, grades, healthy pregnancy etc.), Kinkaku-ji temple (golden temple), and Bamboo forest. Shozo san knew exactly where the best photo- ops were, and never tired from telling us interesting cultural anecdotes such as the exact place where President Bush took a photo, where to get the most unique sushi special to area, and his hometown where ninjas originated. We even had the opportunity to see a real Geisha walking to work.

Shozo-san, thank you sincerely from myself and my family. We had a really wonderful time and we hope to visit you again!"

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Dear liketheisland,

Wow! Thank you so much for your wonderful review of our private tour service in Kyoto & Nara! This is such a helpful review for the TripAdvisor community, especially since you mentioned our wheelchair friendly service!

Your professional driver-guide, Mr. Shozo Saka, was delighted to read your generous and heartfelt compliments! As you made clear, our driver-guides are true service professionals. They go above and beyond to take care of our guests.

Thank you for mentioning our exceptional service, clean and spacious vehicles, customizable itinerary, wheelchair accommodation, expert knowledge, and world class hospitality. We're so happy your family could have a memorable trip to Kyoto with MK. It was our pleasure to serve you.❤❤❤

Finally, a big thank you to EVERYONE who took the time, thought, and energy to write reviews and share their stories on TripAdvisor and social media. We truly appreciate it.

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