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Dear Kyoto Travelers,

Do you know ninja (忍者)? Are you interested in having an authentic ninja experience in Kyoto? If yes, then you're in luck! Visit a ninja dojo on your MK tour.

Ninja Dojo recently opened in Kyoto and it's already a hit! Ninja Dojo offers authentic and traditional ninja training with a real ninja sensei. Before this dojo opened you had to travel far from Kyoto to receive this kind of experience.

Choose the 1-hour course or the 2-hour course. You will not only receive training in martial arts and ninja weapons such as ninja swords and shuriken (ninja stars) but also meditation, history, and "the way of the ninja." These teachings and techniques have been handed down for over 500 years!

Add this activity to any of our tours; your itinerary with MK is completely customizable. Ninja Dojo can be done with your entire family - adults and children. People like you are loving this unique and exciting experience.

Check out the reviews for this dojo on TripAdvisor. Ninja Dojo also has a store on site where you can buy ninja items, costumes, and antiques.

You can't go wrong with MK's private chauffeur-guide tours. MK is famous for providing the highest levels of hospitality and customer service in Kyoto with over 60 years of experience. But please don't take our word for it! You can read hundreds of 5 Star 'Excellent' reviews on TripAdvisor for Kyoto MK before requesting a quote on your private tour. Reserve with confidence!

What people like you are saying on TripAdvisor:

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"A lot more Kyoto for a lot less time!"

“Worth every penny/ yen!”

“A Painless Way to Tour Kyoto.”

"It definitely made our day. Price charged by MK was reasonable too!"

“"Ichigo Ichie" Spirit at its highest level! Best Day of our Kyoto Visit!”

“Best thing we did in Japan!”

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MK Taxi, Kyoto

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