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The Kyoto Shibori Museum is one of the most exciting places in Kyoto for designers and textile-lovers from all over the world.

Don't worry if you don't speak Japanese, the staff and our English speaking tour guide will take care of you! You will see an English video about Shibori (Japanese tie-dyeing) techniques so you will understand the main characteristics of Kyoto Shibori and be guided around the facility in English. The explanations and signs are all translated into English so you will not miss anything.

Early plum blossom of the moonlight (mixed dyeing techniques) - tapestry

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As soon as you are familiar with the dyeing techniques, you will understand the incredible work behind the richly decorated kimono fabrics, tapestries and other silk products. If you have an extra hour, you can even try to create your own tie-dyed scarf which is really fun! You need patience however since you have to make sure to execute all the little steps accurately to get the best result and the most beautiful patterns.

Dye your own silk scarf!

The museum's shop offers all sorts of original, hand-made items for sale, like exquisite and elegant scarves, ornamented sun umbrellas, colorful handbags and unique kimono silk fabrics. Small-size souvenirs like tie-dyed zodiac key chains, purses and handkerchiefs are also available if you are looking for something rare.

The most special scarves you have ever seen!

Amazing kimono fabrics

Learn more about the Kyoto Shibori Museum and our chauffeur-guided tours at the links below:

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