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I love going to Stationery shops and browsing for cute, everyday items I can use in the office or at home. Work is much more fun if you have your special sticky note pad or your unique pen you surely can't mix up with coworkers. Writing a letter is not so popular these days but a beautiful hand-made set would give you wings to get back to the traditional way of writing. I remember how excited I was in my teenage years when the postman came and handed us our letters and how magical it felt to open up an envelope from a friend.

Cute everyday items

This place is full of treasures for these special occasions! First of all, the English speaking staff can tell you about Japanese paper. Is that so different from "normal" paper? Yes it is! Totally! It feels different, its color is different, the way it's made is different.. and the items made of Washi (Japanese paper) are just charming and elegant. Wonderful, decorative presents.

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Hand-made letter set

I bought a hand-made letter set (the flowers on the sheets and envelops are all hand-drawn), a pen which is the Japanese version of Western fountain pens (great challenge to use it) and a packet of scented, tiny paper-flowers which you are supposed to put in the envelope before closing it. I bought some colorful sheets you can use to decorate your dining table when you have visitors. They look really lovely and unique. I hope they will last long!

This is how the decor-papers are stored. They look like fabrics.

Rare origami papers and books are also sold.

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