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Do you want to visit a lovely pottery shop in the Pottery Village of Kyoto?

Couple cup sets

Kyoto is famous for its colorful pottery style and if you are lucky, you can experience much more than just looking around in a shop. We hit the road and discovered this wonderful shop where we could actually meet a celebrated pottery master.

With more than 60 years of experience, he kindly offered us a tour to the back of the shop where he and his apprentices are working. He demonstrated making a bowl and a tea pot while explaining about the whole process in details. We were amazed how clay took shape under his fingers and were delighted when he offered us to see how they paint and decorate the tea cups and plates. The Master also explained about the burning process and he casually walked around the shop with us introducing his most memorable pieces of work: sophisticated vases, lovely couple cups, ornamented plates and other treasures.

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The tea pot set and two cups we bought were neatly packed in a box which made it almost impossible to break. We can now enjoy drinking our original Japanese tea from our beautiful "Kiyomizu-ware" even at home, far from Kyoto!


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