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Clean, punctual, polite, considerate, knowledgeable, professional …



These are the words that are frequently used by our customers in their comments on Kyoto MK’s taxi service and taxi drivers. Indeed, these are the hallmarks of Kyoto MK Taxi. Proud to be among the visible faces of Kyoto, the ancient capital of more than a millennium and a modern metropolis, our drivers have always been aspiring to be worthy of this culture center of Japan steeped in history.



Sparing no effort, they have been undertaking various training courses, history, tour guiding, foreign languages… to name just a few. By equipping themselves with the knowledge and skills that offer our valued customers a glimpse of the best of Kyoto, our drivers take it as their everyday mission to showcase what Kyoto has to offer: her traditional architecture, her thousands of temples and shrines, her refined culture, and her exquisite hospitality.


Being born in Kyoto in 1953 as an oil company, MK Group today has grown into a group of diversified business interests, with its taxi service as the most visible face of the group and a hallmark of the MK group’s corporate culture and corporate value: second to none service.

With its heart set in Kyoto, MK group has always been setting its pulse to be in tune with this traditional yet modern city, maintaining time-honored tradition while keeping up with dynamic change of time. Sparing no effort to equip its staff with all necessary knowledge and skills, MK group has been investing in new technology and ideas, running various training programs in Japan as well as overseas.



MK group has now expanded its business across Japan as well as overseas. You may find MK’s famous ‘heart’ logo in different cities and different countries, during the day or at night, but wherever you are, whenever you need help, MK will always be there, ready to serve our valued customers, with the same heart, the same smile and the same meticulous care.